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Provides a CarHistory Report together with a PPSR Certificate. These reports include vehicle description, registration, stolen/written-off check, current market price and details of financial encumbrances.

3 Reports (valid for 4 weeks)$73.90 (save 33%) 

This can include:

Financial Encumbrances

Known Odometer Readings

Previous Sales Listings

Current Car Valuation

Stolen Vehicle Status

Written Off Status

Repairable Write Off

CarHistory Price Comparison Report

Insurance Details

A PPSR Certificate (provides details of any financial encumbrance)

Vehicle Buyback Insurance


report explanation

Provides details of any financial encumbrances against a vehicle.

This can include:

Financial Encumbrances

Stolen / Written Off Status


report explanation

Provides vehicle price and odometer comparison for similar vehicle sales.

This can include:

Odometer comparison for similar sales

Vehicle Price comparison for similar sales.